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Using Hot Keys (CTRL + 'whatever') in Mathematica Online?

Posted 1 year ago
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Signed up for Mathematica Online, yesterday, and going over the tutorial stuff. I'm working on a Mac and I'm pretty sure I already know the answer, but can someone confirm whether or not the Hot Keys (CTRL + 'whatever') do or don't work online?

A sales rep had explained that you don't have access to step by step solutions in the online version. ((that's okay, I have Wolfram Alpha for the step by step))... but, it also seems Palettes are not available, and now getting the impression that neither are the hot keys.

The Wolfram Product line seems great overall, but some of the documentation and marketing/product explanations (maybe it's just me) seem incomplete or incorrect -- which is a real downer because it sorta throws a wet towel on the experience... it's like you're excited to ride a quad on some amazing trail, and then when you go roaring down the trail, you discover there are lots of low hanging branches so instead of going 40km, you have to go 10.

Anyways, I'd be grateful if anyone can confirm the Online Mathematica differences vs Offline/Desktop -- maybe it's a Mac thing -- and if you happen to know of any other surprises, please let me know.

Many thanks!!!


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