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Workbench under Mavericks: icon for breakpoint doesn't change

Posted 11 years ago

I've just downloaded the workbench and am running under Mavericks on an imac. The breakpoint icon don't seem to work as documented which was pretty confusing. When I eventually used the breakpoint viewer window they were being indeed set and cleared correctly as I mouse clicked in the left hand margin of the editor. However the icon just remains present even when reported as cleared - it doesn't even change colour. Am I missing something obvious or this is a bug?
POSTED BY: William Stewart
This was posted 3 months ago, so maybe it's all water under the bridge.
I have just encountered something similar when upgrading to Mountain Lion.
The line numbers and the breakpoint icons fail to scroll along with the body of text.
I have found an (irritating) work-around. Just grab the bottom or top of the editor window and drag it a fraction of an inch.
This causes a refresh which puts everything right (until you do the next scroll).
My guess is that the change of scrolling direction convention in ML and Maveriks broke the line number code.

If you have found a real solution, let's hear it!
POSTED BY: David Walkup
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