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Code for Representation Of Diffraction By Vector Summation

Posted 11 years ago

I'm trying to understand this program:

But when I download it or look at it I get this error:

The stretchable character 0xf3a5 in the Mathematica1Mono font (size 13) has a repeating piece (0x80) that is zero size.

But some of the notation looks like gobligook so it's hard to see what's going on in some places.

If someone could explain this error and provide a solution so that I can learn the algorithm/code that would be great!

Here is a screenshot:

POSTED BY: John Mercer
This is a font error. Do you see this when opening the file with Mathematica? What operating system are you on?

If you are on Mac and see this with Mathematica itself, I would consider going through these steps to try and resolve the problem:
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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