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'MathWorld' command description not found

Posted 11 years ago
Hi, I just purchased Mathematica and trying to execute the file GameofLife.nb. I run that file and not one command seems to be available. I assume that some of the commands are userdefined functions which needs to be downloaded (digress: I wonder if there is a way for downloading the dependency files automatically whenever I download a .nb file). But the first line in the file is 

<< MathWorld`Life`

which give error

Get::noopen: Cannot open MathWorld`Life`. >>

The symbolic command ">>" is defined in the documentation. But I dont see a description of 'MathWorld'. Is that even an command? In short, please tell me how can I execute GameofLIfe.nb without errors. 
2 Replies
A general observation: Mathematica has been around for many years, and there's quite a lot of code on the internet that was written for older versions. Compatibility is good, on the whole, but it can be frustrating if you're new to Mathematica and find it hard to get code from older versions to work.

About the Game of Life: it's worth noting that you'll find this already inside Mathematica, in various places. Search the Help for more. I quite like this version:
g = Binarize[RandomImage[1, {500, 500}]];
Dynamic[g = MorphologicalTransform[g, {"Life"}]]
POSTED BY: C ormullion
"MathWorld" is a web site,

The package MathWorld`Life` can be downloaded from that web site. 
If you have questions on it, ask the MathWorld staff via
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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