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Download a notebook from Wolfram Foundation Notebook Archive?

Posted 10 months ago
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If I go to a particular item a the Wolfram Foundation Notebook Archive, e.g.,

I see a notebook as a web page. How do I download the actual notebook?

2 Replies

Looking at the HTML code, it seems there is meant to be some buttons, including a download button, outside the notebook frame. The buttons seem to be missing, and therefore the download feature does not seem to work.

However, I was able to copy the notebook contents and paste them into a new notebook within Mathematica.

Dear @Murray and @Michael, thank you for your feedback! Download was available, but due to recent improvements to the site it is still in a short revamp and will be available soon. Also, as Michael pointed out, copying expressions from the Notebook Archive into a desktop Mathematica works as a temporary workaround. Please stay tuned for imminent updates, and keep in mind that the Notebook Archive is still in development. Thank you!

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