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Escape key and short cut for mathematical expression on iPad

Posted 1 year ago
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I just subscribed Wolfram Cloud yesterday and try to get used to it. But, now I'm struggling with using escape key and some short cut for mathematical expressions, such as subscript(by using “ctrl+_” as in desktop), power, fractional form etc.

I'm using iPad pro(gen2) with its smart keyboard and access Cloud via Wolfram app rather than Safari or Chrome.

I can see the esc key on virtual keyboard which pops up when I disconnect the smart keyboard, but I cannot use that key if I attach the keyboard again, and even the conventional short cut for escape key on iPad, which is “control + [”, does not work, too.

May I ask help for this issue?

Thanks for reading.

Posted 1 year ago

What exactly are you trying, and what iOS version are you using? Both the Escape key and Ctrl-[ worked correctly for me when I tried it in a notebook in the latest iOS 13 beta. In iOS 12.2, the Escape key worked a few times, then stopped inserting at some point. But they are working for me.

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