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CBM resource that maps Wolfram Language notation to code?

Posted 2 years ago
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Being a programmer, one of the challenges I find with math is unfamiliar notation. I'll use summation as an example (as I actually understand that one):

enter image description here

You could explain this formula fairly easily with a description (for all integers between 3 and 7, square each value and then add the squares together). The more complex the formula, however, the more complex the description.

When I learn a new type of formula notation, I find it helps to create a "sudo code" version. Here's a sudo code example (again, very basic) for summation:

For each integer i between 3 and 7: CurrentValue = i^2 SummedValue = SummedValue + CurrentValue Print SummedValue

This not only provides an explanation of the notation, but allows my programmer mind to understand the process for performing the calculation.

From a CBM perspective, are there any resources that provide this type of math-to-code examples?

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