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Taking data from cloud to web embedded CDF.

Posted 11 years ago
Is it possible to take data from external database for the CDF embedded in webpage?
I have embedded my CDF in facebook.The data for the CDF should be taken from facebook server or my server dynamically.I tried it out but its not working in dynamic code and i am not able to access the data at all from both servers.Now i have the doubt is it possible to access data for the CDF from external databases which was deployed in facebook.
When i gone through the questions in Stack Exchange i could find that mathematica home edition which iam using now has the limitation in accessing data.To ovecome this they have introduced Enterprise edition.I want to know is this true.If it is then is there any other way i can access data from facebook or cloud server for my CDF which is embedded in facebook using home edition.
POSTED BY: Hari Ganesh
For more concrete information, you will want to contact Wolfram Technical Support at

By default, you cannot import data using CDFs. CDFs have limited abilities in part because it ensures that CDFs are always safe to run.
Getting an enterprise license would allow you to make a CDF that imported data:

Because the CDF is running online, you'll probably want to set up a webservice or API instead of directly accessing the database in some way. All of that though is technical detail that really doesn't have to do with CDF itself.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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