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Manipulate and cascades in a transmission line

Posted 11 years ago
So I wrote a code that plots the probability distribution function for a number of cascades in a transmission line given initial propagation and distrubance. Initialization is as follows:
 SetOptions[EvaluationNotebook[], NotebookDynamicExpression :> Refresh[
        \[Lambda] = .1;
      x_, \[Lambda]_] := (x*\[Lambda] (r \[Lambda] )^(r - x -
           1)) (E^(-r*\[Lambda] )/(r - x)!);

   (*Where r is the total number of failure, \[FormalZ] is the \

initial number of failure,  \[Lambda] is the mean propogation*)

   BTDdist[x_, \[Lambda]_, n_] :=

    Table[BTD[r, x, \[Lambda]], {r, 1, n}] // N;

   BTDdistdrop[x_, \[Lambda]_, n_] :=

    Drop[Table[BTD[r, x, \[Lambda]], {r, 1, n}], 1] // N;

   BTDdistcond[x_, \[Lambda]_, n_] :=

    BTDdistdrop[x, \[Lambda], n]/(1 - E^(-x));

   nextstage[thisstage_, \[Lambda]_] :=

    RandomInteger[PoissonDistribution[thisstage \[Lambda]]];, None]]
But the part where i am having problem is as follows
  Column@{Text["Propagation= "] , Text[\[Lambda]],
      ListLogLogPlot[BTDdistcond[z, \[Lambda], 2000], Joined -> True,
       AxesLabel -> {Failures , Probability}, ImageSize -> Medium,

      PlotRange -> {All, {0.000001`, 1}}]], PDF, Top],


    Monitor[For[i = 1, i <= 2, Pause[.3]; i++],

     Labeled[NestWhileList[nextstage[#, \[Lambda]] &, 1, # != 0 &],

      Cascades, Top]]]}, {{\[Lambda], .01, "Propagation"}, 0.01,

  1}, {{z, 1, "Initial Disturbance"}, 1, 10, 1}]

The problem is that cascades are not being displayed inside the manipulate box. 

POSTED BY: Hamzah Abeer
The main problem is that Monitor generates a separate cell for its output. 

   In[1]:= ?Monitor
      Monitor[expr, mon] generates a temporary monitor cell in which the continually
         updated current value of mon is displayed during the course of evaluation of expr.

Your ControlActive has three arguments. I see only two arguments in the documentation examples.

The Manipulate is in an infinite loop.  This can be suppressed by adding the TrackedSymbols option
at the end of the Manipulate. For example,
TrackedSymbols :> {z}
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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