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Derivatives step by step solution

Posted 10 years ago
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How do we get step by step solutions of any problem?
POSTED BY: pratapd583 singh
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Try this for example in Wolfram|Alpha:
derivate of x*((x^2+9)^-0.5)
or follow THIS URL.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
What kind of problems are you interested in? Wolfram|Alpha provides many step by step solutions for math problems in calculus and differential equations. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Hi Sean,

I've just tried few derivatives like this one : derivate+of+x*((x^2+9)^-0.5) and I've never been able to see the step by step solution (Message : No result available.  Try your query again).

Could you help ?

POSTED BY: Patrick Taratata
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