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Is there a way to use RulePlot for higher order rules?

Posted 1 year ago
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Have been using RulePlot to dig into the details of how CellularAutomaton work. I have tried several different ways to apply RulePlot to a higher order rule with s=2. This means that the next state depends on the two previous states, and thus requires two initialization tensors. For this case have tried RulePlot with and without initialization, and with and without a time spec. Here is an example of the case I am trying to work with;


It returns unevaluated, event though


works fine. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Could you more explicitly convert the expression CellularAutomaton[{31,2,1,2}] into the proper input for RulePlot[] ? Perhaps RulePlot doesn't know what part of the expression is the rules.

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