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Process a .bin file from a C++ program?

Posted 1 year ago
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I need help to open and graphic a 3d matrix from an C++ output file. This is open in Matlab, but can not open from Mathematica. can anyone give me a help on this. A sample of the file is found here.

This matrix is compose of the 3 coordinate locations and the fourth data for the intensity. I trying to construct a density 3D plot from this data. The information that I have is that this is a 150x150x150 8 bit unsigned integers.

2 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

I don't really know if this is what you are looking for. I think you would need to have some idea about what format the data are stored in.

In[23]:= stream = 
 OpenRead["~/Downloads/skinvessel_F.bin", "BinaryFormat" -> True]

In[24]:= data = BinaryReadList[stream, "Real64"];

In[25]:= Length@data

Out[25]= 4000000

but the data doesn't look right,

In[27]:= Partition[data, 4][[;; 5]]

Out[27]= {{7.53462*10^12, 0.387341, 3.18711*10^13, 
  3.53061*10^13}, {4.21261*10^12, 3.52798*10^10, 5.43781217*10^-315, 
  8.49333*10^9}, {399.019, 3.83559*10^10, 3.07557*10^8, 
  3.78863*10^12}, {1.97246*10^8, 2.4602*10^13, 4.28114*10^13, 
  1.73976*10^14}, {1.23685*10^15, 3.48269*10^14, 5.48375828*10^-315, 
Posted 17 days ago

Hello.. yes.looks ok.. The set of 4 elements. First 3 are the spatial references, the forth the density. But I am not sure hot to plot a 3D Density using this set of data. Any help

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