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System Modeler error - Unresolved dependency

Posted 5 months ago
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I'm getting this error message while trying to open a openmodelica file

  • [1] 10:17 AM Unresolved dependency in package Simulator The package Simulator has a declared dependency on Modelica Standard Library version 3.2.3. Version 3.2.3 of MSL is not available in this version of SystemModeler.

I'm using System Modeler Version 4.3.0, build 11. Model Center: 4.3.0, build 5

Any idea on how to resolve this?

Thanks, gani -

2 Replies

It means that the library you are opening uses Modeica Standard Library 3.2.3 and SystemModeler 4.3 supports and ships with 3.2.1.

However, if the library doesn't use any of the new components from 3.2.3 it probably works fine with 3.2.1.


Thank you! I've posted another bigger problem - SM 4.3 not compiling even with manual entry for clang++ and SDK on Mac OSX 10.14. Your help is appreciated!!

gani -

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