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Laplace transformation step by step

Posted 7 months ago
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I’d like to know how or where obtain a step by step transform. One example could be: 1/(1+3s)^n

Thank you in advance and excuse me for my ignorance

3 Replies
In[3]:= LaplaceTransform[(1 + 3 t)^-n, t, s]

Out[3]= 1/3 E^(s/3) ExpIntegralE[n, s/3]

In[4]:= Integrate[(1 + 3 t)^-n Exp[-s t], {t, 0, \[Infinity]}]

Out[4]= ConditionalExpression[1/3 E^(s/3) ExpIntegralE[n, s/3], 
 Re[s] > 0 || (Re[s] >= 0 && Re[n] > 1)]
Posted 7 months ago

Is this a solution step by step? It doesn’t seem to me but I may be wrong. I’d like to obtain the exact procedure to calculate this transform on paper.

Quite possibly W|A simply does not support Show Steps for the Laplace transform.

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