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Set: Tag failure in TagBox... error when uploading CDF to cloud

Posted 2 years ago
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We had a freelancer develop an animation for us, shown below: Functioning Animation

When I publish this to wolfram Cloud, some strange errors are introduced, shown below: Errors1 Errors2

Does anyone know what might be causing this? I thought that some potential causes are:

  • CDF was developed in wolfram 12, but I published it using 11.3 student version. (unlikely since the animation ran perfectly on my laptop / locally)
  • I only have wolfram cloud basic subscription, so some functions may not work
  • Dynamic content. When i run on my laptop, I have to enable dynamic content. Could this be a potential source of the problems?
3 Replies

Absent the actual code, this could be quite difficult to diagnose.

Posted 2 years ago

Unfortunately I am not at liberty to share the source code on the public forum. Would you kindly email me at and i will glady send you the code. Thank you so much for your time

I have a similar issue when uploading CDFs to the Cloud? Would this issue be possible to fix given that I only have access to the CDFs themselves? See the following example. My demonstration works on the local Wolfram CDF player but encounter security violations when uploaded to the cloud. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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