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How about the Latest Mathematica version's garbled text?

Posted 1 year ago
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Some strings may get to be garbled when copied and pasted within a same notebook of Mathematica.

I encountered the fact that the registory key "\Hkey_ CurrentUser\AppEventLabels\.Default" was changed to "\Hkey Current_User\AppEventLabels?fault" when pasted. In this case,it seems that ".D" was changed to "?".

\[CapitalThorn] was the name of "?". And the actually used character of "?" is :

enter image description here

I'd like to know how the Latest version of Mathematica should be.


2 Replies

It appears to be a problem with V12. A quick fix is to double the '\" to "\" before the copy/paste. Mathematica then converts the "\" back to a single "\".

str = "\\Hkey_CurrentUser\\AppEventLabels\\.Default"

Thanks for the reply.

I have understood that double quoted text endures to be copied and pasted into an input cell when some string inclues character sequnce "\.". And it works well in the output cell when the input cell is evaluated, as same as the assigned symbol is evaluated.

But unfortunately if the style of the cell is changed to Text, then the garbling occures in my Notebook.

ichione ichiro

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