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Documentation center issues

Posted 11 years ago
I find the following primitive behavior with Mathematica documentation center

1. In order to type new next in search field, I have to use command+A every time. Normally, in such software documentation, one should simply have to click or double click or use escape key
2. The search text cannot have any typos or human like text. For eg., if I ended up typing 'Forier' insted of 'Fourier', I get no results or for that matter 'how to execute a code?'
Double Clicking the input field at the top of the documentation center highlights the text in it so that you can type over it. This behavior might depend on the operating system. What are you running Mathematica on? What happens when you double click the input field for the documentation?

When you search for "Forier", the documentation center should show a nearly blank page which asks whether you  mean to search fo "Fourier".
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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