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'undo' does not work once command is executed

Posted 10 years ago

undo does not seem to work once I have executed a command. Is there a way out of this?
2 Replies
Dear Balachander Narasimhan,

your question was already extensively discussed at an existing thread:

To undo,  or not to undo,  that's the question

Please read carefully through that discussion. If you still have a question - post it as a comment there. Thank you!
POSTED BY: Moderation Team
Posted 10 years ago
If I get your question right, you're asking for some multiple undo facility in Mathematica.
If this is so please consider this:

A dmitted it is not the peak of a solution, but a working workaround on an ever annoying theme inside Mathematica notebooks.

Considering the evaluation model in Mathematica this is really hard to implement to be efficient, so I do understand
the existence of this limited capability.



P.S.: if this does not fullfill your needs you may sign up on this petition:

POSTED BY: Stefan Schwarz

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