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[CALL] Computer-Based Math(s) Module - Self-Study Problem Solving

Posted 3 months ago
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Dear community,

At (CBM) we are continually striving to broaden the audience of students that can experience learning through problem solving in a computer-based environment. With ongoing updates to the Wolfram Cloud, we are now in a position to adapt our desktop-teacher-centred delivery into self-study-browser delivery. To this end we have taken the CBM module "Are girls better at maths?" and removed the teacher functionalities and put in optional video inserts to assist the learner as required. For a students' introduction to CBM please see

We would like to gather data on whether students of age 11-18 of any ability can follow the content (with or without parental support) and whether the structure of video introduction and follow-up review to each modality is something that works for them. If there are no students available, feedback from adults is also useful even if the content is already understood. It would be helpful to know how applicable the approach would be to adults and the types of adaptations we would need to make for this audience.

Please send feedback using the form at the end of the module.

To access the module, please visit:

Expected duration to complete the module if learning this for the first time would be between 1 and 3 hours.

Please pass this on to students you know to have a go during the school break, give them the opportunity to learn real-world skills that are often missed in mainstream education. Any questions or general suggestions, please ask in the comments below or email CBM on info'at'

Many thanks,

Alec Titterton, CBM Development Manager

2 Replies
Posted 2 months ago

How long is the page going to stay up?

We'll probably take this down after the Easter vacation.

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