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[?] Does this constant C have a name? (Catalan's constant)

Posted 2 years ago
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This morning, when I try to calculate the integral using WolframAlpha

int log(tan x) from 0 to pi/4

The result is -C = -0.915966...

My question is: Does this constant C have a name? Is it a well-known constant?

Thank you for your time!


4 Replies

It does, the C stands for Catalan's constant, see here.

When I enter exactly that input into W|A I see, under the "More digits" button on the right, the remark "C is Catalan's constant". Do you get a different result?

You mean the (i) button?

No, I didn't need to use a button to see that. I wonder if different servers are delivering different results (or maybe my input got further in the allotted time).

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