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Removing a decimal component appearing in an exponent using `Quantity`

Posted 11 years ago
For some apparent reason one of my `Quantity` units is being displayed with a decimal component in the exponent, rather than an integer.

The decimal only appears using the "Metres/Seconds^2" unit, or any variation resulting in the same output; an example using `Quantity` to display "Metres/Seconds^2":
Quantity[expr, "Metres/Seconds^2"]
= 1.5m/s^2.0

This only started happening a few minutes ago from posting this, it seems only affects that specific string, others display just an integer like this:
Quantity[expr, "Metres/Hours^2"]
= 1.5m/h^2

I can't find anything relevent within options, I may have triggered a 'hot-key' somewhere and can't reverse it. After going through all documentation relating to number formats etc., documentation hasn't provided any insight into why it is happening.

I have sent an interpretation result request to Wolfram, however it may be weeks before I get a reply... Any suggestions?
POSTED BY: Ashley James
3 Replies
I haven't seen this issue before and I haven't been able to reproduce it from what I can see here.

Most likely the issue has something to do with a setting in Mathematica. If  you haven't tried already, please try resetting Mathematica to its default configuration
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
Posted 11 years ago
It didn't appear to matter what expression was used, I have been doing worksheets for Newton's laws. I reset all stylesheets to default, closed and reopened Mathematica several times and none resolved the issue. Using one of the examples:
Quantity[(netforce - weight)/mass, "Metres/Seconds^2"]

Update: I just went into a notebook to screenshot a picture to reference and behold, the issue has resolved itself. I reloaded the notebook which contains the original issue, which is pictured below:

Reloading the notebook from around ~10 hours ago, it now appears as normal which is pictured below:

Very odd occurrence, I haven't modified anything since the issue happened. Incase the problem does occur again or for others, is there anything to cause this issue?
POSTED BY: Ashley James
What is the input to Quantity that produces this output? I haven't been able to reproduce this issue. 
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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