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Can I do a trial computation to decide whether to upgrade?

Posted 1 year ago
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I want to perform a class of symbolic integrations using Wolfram Alpha but Standard Pro calculation times are exceeded. I have Pro, and I have an option to upgrade to Pro Premium, but I don't know if the computation time there will be adequate. Is there any way I can do a trial computation to see if it's worth upgrading? The class of integrations is: integrate (x + p1 - pi)^4 sin^n x dx from x = pi - p1 + t1 to pi + p_3 and equivalently, integrate (x + p1 - pi)^4 cos^n x dx from x = pi - p1 + t1 to pi + p_3 Would someone who has Pro Premium be kind enough to check for me if Pro Premium would work? Thanks much!

Posted 1 year ago

The Wolfram Alpha staff was kind enough to answer my question.

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