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Mr.Michael Kelly's Financial Modeling and Visualization notebook

Posted 11 years ago
I have a question to Mr. Michael Kelly, author of "Financial Modeling and Visualization" notebook.<br><br>I'm very curious of&nbsp; what functions were&nbsp; the base for building "Report" for "Method" options<br>in script "BackTesting: Examples" of&nbsp; "Financial Modeling and Visualization" notebook .<br><br>
POSTED BY: Artur Kotarski
Requests to specific people (other than referring to Community posts) should go via other channels. 

For this example,,
you can click the Contact link at the bottom of the page and send your question via a mechanism
that has a high probability of reaching Dr. Kelly.

If you refer to something in documentation or a web page, PLEASE include a link to it.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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