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How does Export function deliver the actual shutterstock EPS requirements?

Posted 1 year ago
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I found some threads about EPS in this community for Export and Import. But these are far from my question. How does the Mathematica Export function deliver the actual Shutterstock EPS requirements for uploads for sale? The requirements are given really implicit. The ask for EPS with at least 4 MB in size no matter how large the dimensions size of the vector picture are. They do not allow a bitmap preview picture or links internal or external in the EPS as far as I have gathered experience with them over there a Shutterstock. They rely completely on Adobe Illustrator EPS output for their help.

Thanks for the helpfull instructions in advance. It is in general very much interesting how Mathematica results compare to others not only for marketing purposes, but for being pride of being a user of Mathematica.

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