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Import an image from my collection?

Posted 19 days ago
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Hello everyone! I am still learning about Wolfram Mathematica, and I have still have not yet found out if I can generate an image from my photos collection in File Explorer onto Wolfram. If anyone knows how, then any help would be appreciated. And if I can’t do it, then please tell me so.

Best regards,


3 Replies
Posted 18 days ago

If you want to import a picture into a notebook its quite easily done. Use the Insert menu item:

enter image description here

Thank you very much Hans! Very much appreciated.

If you want to handle many pictures, it is useful to have a SystemDialog helping you. I do it this way: First I define a start directory once:

startdirectory = "\\\\Whisper\\c\\Users\\ingol\\OneDrive\\Foton";

Then I open a file window, where I can choose a number of images:

filelist = 
 Flatten[{SystemDialogInput["FileOpen", startdirectory]}]; startdirectory =  FileNameDrop[filelist[[1]]] <> "\\";

Thus I obtain a list of pictures, and if I open the file window again, it will open with the last directory used.

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