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Deploying a manipulate and assigning a password

Posted 1 year ago
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Would like to use a version of the example below to work with Manipulate.

Here is the example from the Permissions Help page:

obj03 = CloudDeploy[
  FormPage[{"text", "Text:"} -> "String", Classify["Spam", #text] &, 
   AppearanceRules -> "Title" -> "Spam Detector"], 
  Permissions -> {PermissionsKey["secret"] -> {"Execute"}}]

The example defines a password, secret, which must be entered to access the page. This works as expected.

Extending this to an example using Manipulate.

m02 = Manipulate[Plot[Sin[n x], {x, 0, 6 \[Pi]}]
  , {{n, 0.5}, 0.5, 10}]
obj02 = CloudDeploy[m02, 
  Permissions -> {PermissionsKey["secret"] -> { "Execute"}}]

Does not behave the same way. Typing in the password, does not show the Manipulate.

Apparently something different must be done for Manipulate. Please help. Thanks.

password entry page

2 Replies

Hi Robert,


Permissions -> PermissionsKey["secret"] -> All
Posted 1 year ago

Thanks! that helps. Wonder what are the minimum set of permissions to allow others to only run the Manipulate. Below are the results of my tests.

First, I checked the Permissions when using "->All" with the test:

Options[cd01, Permissions]

I saw the following

{Permissions -> {"Owner" -> {"Read", "Write", "Execute"}, 
   PermissionsKey["secret"] -> {"Read", "Write", "Execute", 
     "CellCreate", "CellDelete", "CellEdit", "EditRestricted", 
     "Evaluate", "IncrementalEvaluate", "Interact", "Save"}}}

Then, I tried a few tests to find what is required only to have the Manipulate run. This is what I came up with:

permListTest01 = {"Read", "Execute", "EditRestricted", "Evaluate", 
   "IncrementalEvaluate", "Interact"};

Are each of these required to allow others to operate a Manipulate on the Cloud? Is something missing?

Thanks for your help with this.

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