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Virus in .nb posted on this forum?? "CloudObject`Private`"

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Posted 1 year ago
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My Context is always "Global" or some other I've chosen.

In the last (few days) I've checked some .nb posted online (some posted as viewable whole notebook - such as that coronovirus post)

I CHECKED MY CONTEXT and it was "CloudObjectPrivate" which it "should never be" as I do not use Wolfram cloud ever, not once, intentionally. I'm quite content using my local copy and below is a list of what is in this Context. It looks to me like some notebook has or is trying to heist my kernel, and perhaps root my computer through / by the Mathematica kernel.

Does that look familiar to anyone?

I could see that being in "System`" but have no idea why it would be in cloud.

(again, my kernels are always local, i set my context by hand every kernel restart, it simply isn't possible that "i did it")

I SUSPECT A .NB POSTED ONLINE (viewable online) or a .nb i downloaded switched my Context[] to connect to foreign computers whereas i do not wish that - furthermore - there seems to be a "whole system under this foreign cloud object"

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