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How to output a graphic or plot to a second notebook

Here I have a scenario where in need of help.

I have a computer system with two monitors configuration. I will like to have the output from an input plot of the graphic function send to another notebook (windows).  The reason is that I want to display  the main notebook (with the input code) showing in one screen and all the output to a second notebook positioned in a second screen. 

Not sure how to code the input command.
POSTED BY: Jose Calderon
2 Replies
Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 122}]
POSTED BY: Rolf Mertig
Posted 11 years ago
Hi Jose,

since expressions are global you can change a value in one notebook and it will be updated in the other notebook automatically.

Setting x = 4 in another notebook yields:

Setting x = 2 yields:

POSTED BY: Stefan Schwarz
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