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AI Live: No Experience Required - free evening talk in London on 10 June!

Posted 1 year ago
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Hi all, we will hold another free talk at Microsoft Reactor London on 10 June, please join us! We look forward to seeing you. This talk will be provided by Mark Braithwaite, our senior technical specialist. You can find event details and get registered here:

What you can learn from this workshop?

This fast-paced, interactive and example-driven exploration will showcase the AI capabilities of the Wolfram Language. This presentation will demonstrate how sophisticated AI tools can be rapidly developed and deployed to extract new insights from your data and improve decision making.

No background/knowledge of AI will be needed. This is for beginner level.

Who should attend?

  • Data scientists, data analysts, technologists
  • Software developers, engineers
  • Anyone with an interest in artificial intelligence

Other upcoming UK courses:

Mathematica: An Introduction - 12 March in Manchester - 3 April in Edinburgh

The Multiparadigm Data Science Workflow - 26 February in Oxfordshire

Introduction to Machine Learning - 13 March in Manchester -26 March in Oxfordshire

The Wolfram Language: Practical Programming - 13 March in Manchester - 1 April in Oxfordshire - 3 April in Edinburgh

Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

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