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Onuma Diagram simulation

Hi everyone, 
I am trying to plot an equation that predicts partition coefficients using Mathematica.
I got as far as I could using Sliders and Dynamic variables, but I am stuck in a very silly place here...
{Slider[Dynamic[rzero], {.1, 1.5, .1}],  Dynamic[rzero], {Slider[Dynamic[E1], {50, 250, 5}], Dynamic[E1]},  Slider[Dynamic[Tempe], {500, 2000, 10}], Dynamic[Tempe],  Slider[Dynamic[Dzero], {0.000001, 1, 0.00001}], Dynamic[Dzero],  Dynamic[Plot[   Dzero*(((-910.17*E1)*((1/2*rzero*(ri - rzero)^2) + (1/3*(ri - rzero)^3)))/     Tempe), {ri, 0.1, 2}]]}
I know the above line is not elegant (I started only two days ago on the software), but it would be functional if I were to be able to plot the exponential for the equation involving dynamic variables. the idea was to calculate and plot Plot[Dzero*EXP[ of all the rest...], but the graph fails to show up.
As it is right now the graph shows but the values on the y axis are not partition coefficients rsrs...

Can anyone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance,
Adriana Alves, geologist
POSTED BY: Adriana Alves
The code you posted has a number of things missing that would be needed to run it. Please if possible create a simple example of the kind of problem you are looking to solve. Additionally, if you could format that code in the post, this would help other people read it.
POSTED BY: Sean Clarke
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