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Generate a PDF report immediately after submitting the values

Posted 1 year ago
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Dear Wolfram Community, I need some technical help from your team. My aim is to build an automated report which can be generated immediately after submitting the values as a PDF file. I carried the following steps as per the knowledge which I gained from your documentation. 1) Created a form using FormFunction. 2) Deployed that into my Cloud. 3) Created a DataSet using the Databin link which stores the submitted values. 4) Created a template report which can process the automated report. 5) Generated a report .

The problem is that I am unable to get the accurate result what I require from Wolfram Mathematica. I even face some issue in getting the end result of equation/formula which I am implementing. I want my report to be generated as a PDF file immediate after submitting the values using the cloud form link. I am attaching my processed file below. Kindly reply me as soon as possible in proper understanding methodology.

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