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Have you ever tried to combine the two graphics together? I tried, failed

Posted 11 years ago
One of my graphics is an output of the command of "Manipulate", the other is a Listplot. I want to see how close the two are together, but due to the complexity of the "Manipulate", the result shows that: Show::gcomb: Could not combine the graphics objects in Show. I tried the nomal function, and succeeded; the problem could be attributed to the "Manipulate". How could I do it? Shall we share the ideas you've tried?
POSTED BY: xiaohong lan
2 Replies
Remember that the output of the Manipulate command is not a Graphics object.  The Show command requires that its arguments each have the Head Graphics or Graphics3D.  The Head of a Manipulate command's output is Manipulate.
POSTED BY: David Reiss
Perhaps you can try to put "Show" inside "Manipulate", see the example below:
f[x_] := a x^2;
data = Table[{-3 + 3 i 0.02, f[-3 + 3 i 0.02] /. a -> 1 }, {i, 0, 100}];
  Show[ListPlot[data], Plot[f[x] /. a -> A, {x, -3, 3}]]
, {A, 1, 2}]

POSTED BY: Ivan Morozov
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