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Could assisted-input be enabled in the Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica?

Posted 1 year ago
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A Raspberry Pi now has 2GB or 4GB of memory, and a much faster processor.

Is it possible to activate the Wolfram Predictive Interface in the latest Raspberry Pi version of Mathematica?


3 Replies
Posted 1 year ago

Thanks Icy for pointing this out.

I'm new to Mathematica so I was delighted to read that its user interface supports command completion. However, that page is silent about the fact that Wolfram Predictive Interface is not available on Raspi. Not knowing this, I failed to use or enable Suggestions Bar or Input Assistant. I was puzzled. I thought my installation was defective or my configuration wrong. So I was about to post a question on this community to this regard when I found your posting. Further research unearthed a seven year old community posting that described the limitations of Mathematica running on Raspi. Computing power and RAM size have since increased considerably on the Raspberry Pi platform.

For beginners like me, input assistants (i.e. command suggestions, autocompletion, etc.) are invaluable for flattening the learning curve.

Posted 4 months ago


In version 12.2 I was able to activate the Suggestions Bar by following this guide and I was able to activate code auto-completion, by going to the "Option Inspector", and enable “AutoPopupEnable” inside the CodeAssistOptions, and "ShowCodeAssist" inside the "Editing Options". Given the increased capacity of the latest Raspberry Pis I think these options should be enabled by default.

Posted 2 months ago

Thanks Icy Toc!

Is there an option in the Edit > Preferences > Advanced > Option Inspector to confirm the completion with Tab or Enter?

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