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Mathematica 12.1.0 - Open from Cloud ?

Posted 1 year ago
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After successful installation of Mathematica 12.1 on Desktop and Laptop, I get a confusing message when I push the button "Open from Cloud..." in the startup window. startup window

Then I get the following message: message

This is how the cloud box looks cloud box

I still have access to my cloud, but is there a possibility to improve the situation without confusing messages? This is happening on my Desktop as well as on my Laptop. Both computers are using Windows 10 with latest updates.

2 Replies

Dear Wolfram Team,

This was a serious question and not a joke. Did I find the first bug of 12.1 and does it mean that I have to wait for a long time until it gets solved?

Like me, I'm sure others are checking to see if that problem exists on their setup too. My Windows 10 system doesn't have that problem.

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