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Version 12.1 notebook performance issues with e.g. Datasets on Windows?

Posted 16 days ago
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Are users of version 12.1 experiencing performance issues with the Notebook front-end in general and Datasets in particular?

My last notebook created in version 12 worked well with a small Dataset, but in 12.1 scrolling the notebook is slow (seconds on an Intel i7 with 16 GB) and scrolling a Dataset nearly impossible.

I use Windows 10 Pro version 1909, 64-bit.

It has been reported in StackExchange , but haven't seen any post here confirming the issue.

As I use a Dataset a lot, I went back to version 12. All is performing well again.



6 Replies

I try to have some empathy with new releases as I know the pain they can be. However, sometimes it seems there's just no Q&A. This literally makes Dataset unusable for time series data. How could this slip past Q&A? I can confirm it happens in both Mac and Windows.

Posted 15 days ago

I can confirm on my PC running Win 10 Home.

I think this needs to be fixed ASAP. It's disappointing when something like this gets released.

In[69]:= $Version
Out[69]= "12.1.0 for Linux x86 (64-bit) (March 14, 2020)"

Yes - incredible but true: If one let simply e.g.

ResourceData[ResourceObject["Epidemic Data for Novel Coronavirus COVID-19"]]

pop up in a notebook one virtually can no longer work with this Mathematica session - and this data set is just of moderate size. Everything is then drastically slowed down - even the window showing the Documentation Center! The slightest interaction makes the CPU busy for many seconds. At the moment I would qualify Dataset simply as unusable and I am puzzled how a function like this can be released! Hopefully this will be fixed soon - please!

Additional note:

I do not want to switch back to v12.0 because for this version I had reported a problem regarding Dicom import - and this is actually fixed in 12.1. Thus for me this is definitely an improvement and it would not be fair not to mention this.

I can confirm that this is happening on my Mac as well.

I believe there was confirmation in the MSE chat. To the best of my knowledge the UI issues with Dataset are the top priority for improving in the near term.

I believe there was confirmation in the MSE chat. ...

... well, at least we finally now see some (positive!) reaction from WRI! Thank you!

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