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Problem to solve simultaneous equations

Posted 14 days ago
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Hi, I have problems to solve simultaneous equations! The NSolve command also does not lead to a solution. Mathematica runs the whole night, but does not give any solutions. Have anybody an idea? Thanks for your help!

4 Replies

After some simplifications by hand I get the expression below which one wants to set to 0 to solve for f.

16 Ds f^3 n p W^2 - 
 k^3 \[Pi]^2 Q Coth[(H k \[Pi])/(4 f W)] Sec[\[CurlyPhi]]

Without numeric values for the various parameters this is unlikely to have a "useful" solution.

Thank you for your help first. Is there no general solution for this system of equations without using values for the parameters? Even if I use values for the parameters and set the equation 0, the Solve command does not get the f out of the Coth.

Posted 13 days ago

I look carefully at this Plot


to estimate locations of solutions.

I then try


which returns


Great, thanks for the quick help!!! :)

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