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Finite Elements FEM of a tea cup

Posted 2 months ago
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Dear All, I recently saw a very nice example for the calculation of the Eigen-frequency of a tea cup, which made nice use of various Mathematica features, e.g. recording the sound on an iPhone and analyzing the audio. I would be very grateful, if somebody could provide me with a reference either here or or elsewhere. Thank you.

4 Replies

Where have you seen it? Maybe a few details will help people to search for it.

Hi, I wish I had them. Trust me, I searched whatever came to my mind for a few days before I sent this question. Recording the sound with a smart phone, analyzing the audio signal, determining a frequency of around 2 kHz, generating the mesh of a tea cup/mug but missing the handle, using FEM to determine the modes. In general making nice use of various Mathematica features.

Does this MSE Link help?

Dear Tim, thank you very much for the reply. That is exactly the contribution, I was looking for. I had a look at a number of your very nice contributions on your website (?) but at that time I had found them while tackling an entirely different issue. Unluckily, I did not jot down your URL. Greetings Ernst

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