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Add files to Mathematica?

Posted 1 year ago
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Not sure if I'm in the right group to pose this question, but here goes. I recently found a software program that teaches Analytic Geometry via Mathematica, called Descarta2D. One of the installation instructions says, "Copy the Descarta2D folder into the following standard Mathematica folder (used for add-on applications): $BaseDirectory/Applications." How do I accomplish this? I have learned Windows 10 doesn't have such a file.

6 Replies


Run the following command in a Mathematica Session $BaseDirectory

The output should be the file path for your Mathematica install and OS.


Thanks, Hans. I will try this. I really appreciate your help.

Posted 20 days ago

Hello Mr Adkins,

My name is Chiel Geeraert from the Netherlands, also retired. Just recently a bought a second hand book "Exploring Analytic Geometry with Mathematica" (Year 2000) . This book uses Descarta2D and the CD with Descarta was included. But alas, it didn't work with Mathematica 7 which I use.

Now I have read on the web that some years later there was an update on Descarta2D to make it compatible with Mathematica 7 and 8. I have looked for the updated version but I could not find it. Do you use that updated version and, if so, can I get from you?

Best regards,

Chiel Geeraert, Oostburg, the Netherlands

Posted 19 days ago

Dear Chiel Geeraert, Unfortunately, I switched computers and can't locate the update you need. I once corresponded with Donald L. Vossler at website If you visit the website, maybe you can leave him a message. Wish I could be more help.

Posted 19 days ago

Dear Chiel Geeraert: I just tried the URL above, and it appears to be inoperative. I did find this item through a search: It appears to have info on Descarta@D.

Posted 19 days ago

Yes, I found that link also, but alas the website from Descarta2D is out of the air. It's a bit outdated software of course , but I would like try it. The major developer was Denis Monasse, a French mathematician.

I am also retired : bicycling, gardening are my daily activities. Evenings are filled with some studying in Mathematics.

Thank you for your answer. Chiel Geeraert

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