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Numerical evaluation using "solve"

Posted 1 year ago
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Is there a natural language input to solve for a numerical value, rather than having to click "numerical value" under the output suggestions every single time? I have tried many things, including //N and a variety of other things I would do in Mathematica, but none seem to work when the Wolfram alpha natural language inputs are involved.

Perhaps I am missing something in regards to the general syntax here? If I copy and paste the output of "solve ln(x-6)+ln(x+7)=1 for x" which is x->1/2 Sqrt[169+4 E]-1/2, and write "x->1/2 Sqrt[169+4 E]-1/2 numerical value" it gives the numerical value of that, but if I write "solve ln(x-6)+ln(x+7)=1 for x numerical value" it says "No Wolfram language translation found."


2 Replies

Hi Brandon,

You could use the WolframAlpha function.

WolframAlpha["solve ln(x-6) + ln(x+7) = 1 for x", "WolframResult"] // N
(* {{x -> 6.20584}} *)

Ahh thank you, I had no idea that existed.

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