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The Mathematica Student Certification

Posted 11 years ago
Hello all,

So I have just spent time watching the virtual STEM conference January 2014 (Good job, by the way!).

At the conference is mentioned something about Mathematica Student Certification, which is the first time I have heard it mentioned. Naturally it awakes mu curiousity, and I thus have a couple of question.
  • What are the benefits of being Mathematica Student Certification?
  • What is the degree of difficulty of the exam set?
  • What is the prize per student certification?
  • Is it possible/can it be recommended for an entire class to take the certification, when integrating Mathematica into the classroom?

Best Regards

Simon P.
Thanks for your enthusiasm for the virtual conference and Mathematica student certification! Here are some additional details. And it's important to note that our student-level Mathematica certification is not intended to be an advanced coding certification. For student certification, we recommend basic college-level mathematics, and qualified candidates will take about one hour to complete the exam.

Successful candidates receive a certificate of proficiency and are encouraged to add Mathematica Student Level certification to their resumes and social profiles, such as LinkedIn.

Introducing your entire class to the certification program is a great idea, but keep in mind that certification is a personal achievement and each candidate will need to apply individually.

Please visit the program page to see guidelines and other details.
POSTED BY: Jamie Peterson
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