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[NB] Data Analysis of Coronavirus in Mexico

Posted 11 months ago
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MODERATOR NOTE: coronavirus resources & updates:

enter image description here I started this Notebook because I haven't found a useful database on the coronavirus situation in Mexico. The Mexican government has a PDF document with all confirmed cases on its website (link in the Notebook). The purpose of this notebook is to use this PDF and to complement it with the JHU database which is available by Wolfram Data Resources to create a way to manipulate the data. This allows to create any visualization or perform any analysis and not be limited to the government's graphics.

In the future, I want to add more variables in order to perform more complicated analyses. An idea is to add economic (such as GDP per capita per state) and demographic (populations density per state) variables to perform cluster analysis.

Tried to put everything in English and Spanish.

Please share any advice, thought or suggestion you might have to improve this notebook!