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Modelica Fluids Library

Posted 3 months ago
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Hi I recently bought SystemModeler and was disappointed that the Fluids Library is not included In the Modelica Standard Library . Is there a plan to include this library in SystemModeler future updates and when will this happan

3 Replies

Hi Craig,

Fluid's library is a work-in-progress for us. If everything goes as per plan then we should be able to release it in the next version i.e. 12.2.

Regards, Ankit

Posted 11 days ago

Hi Ankit,

Any updates on SystemModeler 12.2 and the inclusion of streams and Fluid Library. I have a need for streams in my modeling and would like to stick to SystemModeler as my base package as I like the Mathematica integration. Currently I am having to work with OpenModelica to use the stream and Fluids functionality of MODELICA 3.3. I am hoping that SystemModeler will include streams and fluids in the next release.

Hi Craig,

You should be able to use streams with 12.2, Fluid's library is still a work-in-progress. You can drop me a mail at if you want to try out the development version.

Thanks, Ankit

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