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Stochastic Hamiltonians and the Hypergraph model

Posted 8 months ago
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Has anyone thought of trying to find a relationship between the stochastic Hamiltonian equations we see with Schrodinger Equations and the Hypergraph model? It seems odd to me that we don't see this equation here. Granted, there's no notion of stochastic dynamics since he don't equip rule updating with probabilities (or amplitudes), but it seems to me like there is a type of Hamiltonian lurking in the model. For example, the Hamiltonians and Feynman Diagrams appear in the Hamiltonians for QM, and they're really obvious once you do the Taylor expansion that they represent specific state paths in a QM model. It feels to me like some form of Hamiltonian should exist for Hypergraph models, where the Feynman statepaths are the specific choices of updates to do on the graph. Is there any sort of analog to this at the moment in the Hypergraph models?

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