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Logic operator and non-mathematical variables in

Posted 1 year ago
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Good evening, I' hope you're all doing well in this rough COVID time.

I'm actually trying to do a super simple logic operation on I want to (at least) output the list of the nearest department/region of a list of two department, and plot them on a geographical map.

<neighbor> of <Area 1> and <Area 2>

I tried for one element and it worked :enter image description here

But when I'm trying with a logical operator <AND> the system is not behaving as expected. With a logical operator¨ With a Listw

I've looked online for similar example (wit two or more non mathematical variable), but I did not find any relevant example.

Is it possible to solve such question in Wolfram Alpha, and without going Pro, nor using another wolfram service (like a notebook)?

All the best


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