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[NB] 100 Days of COVID19 Over US Counties

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POSTED BY: Mads Bahrami
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Posted 4 years ago

Nice presentation. I was looking at Massachusetts data, where I lived, most of my life. They give case per 100,000 data for each town and it seems that the towns with the highest case rates are the poorest with the lowest levels of education and income. I now live in Arizona where most of the counties are large and diverse. But the counties which are mostly Indian Reservations seem to have the highest case rates--eight times higher than the county with the largest population. Also companies which are having the most problems with employee infection rates are those which pay the lowest wages--e.g. meat packers.

If you could refine your map by case rates per population and run correlations with income and education levels, I suspect you would see a pattern that the most affected communities are the poorest and have the lowest levels of education.

POSTED BY: Robert Rimmer

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