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Analyzing .mov video file for RGB color

Posted 11 years ago

 I am a newbie to Mathematica, just started yesterday. I am trying to import a .mov video file, convert it to images and analyze it for RGB color.

But when I do
Import["/Users/apple/Downloads/Sample-7.MOV", "ImageList"]
Mathematica crashes.

Can anyone please help me with how to go about this, thanks in advance
POSTED BY: greenchic
3 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
I have done something similar to this but rather than importing the .mov file I had better luck exporting each frame of the movie to a folder of still images and than running the analysis on the stills.
POSTED BY: Jon Rogers
It's certainly possible ( to analyze movies frame by frame.  According to that blog post, each movie took a day to process. But I think that Mathematica likes to load everything into memory where possible, so movies are going to be difficult to work with unless you divide them into smaller pieces. Try loading a few frames at a time, as Michael suggested.
It's also possible that the MOV file has problems - many things go into a MOV container...
POSTED BY: C ormullion
Perhaps the (uncompressed) imported data exceeds you memory capacity.  Try importing just a frame or a few frames.
Import["/Users/apple/Downloads/Sample-7.MOV", {"ImageList", 1}]
Import["/Users/apple/Downloads/Sample-7.MOV", {"ImageList", Range[1, 10]}]
Without a reproducible example, it's hard to know if this is exactly the issue or not.
POSTED BY: Michael Rogers
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