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Audiobook for A New Kind of Science ?

Posted 1 year ago
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Does anyone know if there is an audiobook version of ‘A New Kind of Science’ that I can buy or download please?

5 Replies

I would not recommend that. The book is about 50% images.

Posted 1 year ago

The book is easy to read.

Thanks - we have a really good secondhand bookshop near to where I live and I picked up a hardback version last year. I’ve just noticed it’s a ‘first edition, first printing’!

Posted 11 months ago

Great! You got "First Edition, First Printing"

Audio books are only good enough for some concepts. But, Nothing beats printed Books. By definition, Books are printed material, aren't they?


There are some NKS-related stuff from Stephen Wolfram in other formats like video and podcast at his website but not the book itself.

I think that somewhere else on the web, someone had posted a recording of the book-talk he was giving in 2002.

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