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error launching mathematica 9.0.1 in linux

Posted 11 years ago

I just installed Mathematica on Arch Linux. The install seemed to complete successfully. However, when I try to run mathematica, it gets stuck at start up. When I try to launch it from the terminal, I get an error:
LinkConnect::linkc: -- Message text not found -- (LinkObject[akt_shm, 3, 1])

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


POSTED BY: Nick Bertrand
5 Replies
Posted 11 years ago
Thanks everybody for the help! The problem was indeed with my loopback network interface, as Ilian pointed out. I needed to add a rule in my iptables configuration to allow loopback traffic. Now Mathematica is up and running.
POSTED BY: Nick Bertrand
Check whether your loopback network interface is configured correctly. Are you able to ping localhost?
POSTED BY: Ilian Gachevski
Look for what the system-call utility on your computer is called. ("strace" is common.)

Start the Mathematica Kernel with command line syntax like

   strace -o /tmp/mcrashlog.log   math

substituting the correct name of the trace utility and option.

After a second of hanging, please kill the kernel process and send the mcrashlog.log to Technical Support.
If it is over one MByte, please upload it via, rather than emailing.
For the "Recipient:" field, put  . In the "Additional notes:" field, put
"Community 197049 for Bruce".

Which version of Arch Linux?  What CPU chip?
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
Posted 11 years ago
Thanks for your response, Bruce. I tried running mathematica with the clean option like you suggested, but it still gets stuck, and the same error mentioned above shows in the terminal. I tried to run math from the terminal, and it asked for my activation key (I just installed Mathematica and haven't been able to open it successfully). I copied my activation key into the terminal but it just hangs.
POSTED BY: Nick Bertrand
Probably a difficulty starting the Mathematica Kernel (the part that performs the calculations).

1) Restart the computer and launch Mathematica from a terminal window with the -clean option,
mathematica  -clean &
This will make sure all preference and other start-up files are reset to default contents.

2) If that does not fix it, does the Mathematica Kernel run by itself?  The Kernel can be launched by entering "math" in a terminal window.
The bare Kernel has a plain-text interface, so you can just type 2+2 ENTER, for example, to verify that it works.
If there are error messages, send them to with a description of the computer and OS level.
Copying and pasting the whole Kernel session into the email is usually convenient.
POSTED BY: Bruce Miller
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