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Concatenate a list of images to form a new image?

Posted 1 year ago
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Is there a function to concatenate a 1-dimensional list of same-size, same colorspace images into a single image? For example, how to concatenate list simeonRast into a {156, 56} image:

simeonRast = Table[Rasterize[Style[StringPart["Simeon", n], Hue[(n - 1)/6], 48]], {n, 1, 6}]

More generally, how to concatenate an mXn list of compatible images into a mosaic? For example, a {114, 148} image from greekRast:

greekRast = Table[Rasterize[Style[Extract[Alphabet["Greek"], ((i - 1)*6) + j], 32]], {i, 4}, {j, 6}]

Thank you in advance :-)

2 Replies

As a first guess you may try:


but it might be better in this case to make sure that all images have identical size and use ImageAssemble:

imgDim = ImageDimensions[greekRast[[1, 1]]];
greekRast2 = Map[ImageResize[#, imgDim] &, greekRast, {2}];

enter image description here

ConformImages might be useful to make all your images the same in size and type, after which you can use ImageAssemble as Henrik said…

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