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How can I uninstall a palette?

Posted 1 year ago
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It is easy to install a palette. I can also overwrite an installed palette. How can I get rid of an installed palette?

11 Replies

PacletUninstall, e.g. something like

Posted 1 year ago

It doesn't seem to be working: failure to uninstall

Somehow my brain misread "Paclet" instead of "Palette" the 5 times I read your title/post. My mistake.

Posted 1 year ago

So, there is no way to uninstall a palette?

Do you see the palette installed here? If so, can you manually delete it?

 FileNameJoin[{$UserBaseDirectory, "SystemFiles", "FrontEnd", 
Posted 1 year ago

It opened the directory in Windows and I deleted the file of the palette, but it stays visible in the Palette menu.

Did you restart Mathematica after deleting the palette?

Posted 1 year ago

Yes, they are still in the menu.

Posted 1 year ago

It does not seem that the issue was resolved. There is no hope that we can uninstall a palette?

Two other places you should check for palette-related notebooks are the Applications folder in BaseDirectory and UserBaseDirectory. If you find files related to your palette in those folders, delete them and restart Mathematica.

Posted 3 months ago

Thanks very much. It actually worked.

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